Correspondence Relative to the Earl of Elgin's Special Missions to China and Japan, 1857-1859: Presented to the House of Commons by Command of Her Majesty, in Pursuance of Their Address Dated July 15, 1859


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Seite 349 - Subjects of China who may be guilty of any criminal act towards citizens of the United States shall be arrested and punished by the Chinese authorities according to the laws of China. And citizens of the United States...
Seite 348 - The Christian religion, as professed by Protestants or Roman Catholics, inculcates the practice of virtue, and teaches man to do as he would be done by.
Seite 3 - ... the option of the British government, of a minister duly accredited by the Queen to the Emperor of China, and the recognition of the right of the British Plenipotentiary and Chief Superintendent of Trade to communicate directly in writing with the high officers at the Chinese capital, and to send his communications by messengers of his own selection, such arrangements affording the best means of ensuring the due execution of the existing treaties, and of preventing future misunderstandings ;...
Seite 348 - ... nearest Consul for punishment, but he must not be subjected to any ill-usage in excess of necessary restraint. No passport need be applied for by persons going on excursions from the ports open to trade to a distance not exceeding 100 li, and for a period not exceeding five days. The provisions of this Article do not apply to crews of ships, for the due restraint of whom regulations will be drawn up by the Consul and the local authorities.
Seite 347 - HER Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and His Majesty the Emperor of China, being desirous of putting an end to the misunderstandings and consequent hostilities which have arisen between the two countries, have resolved to conclude a Treaty for that purpose, and have therefore named as their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland...
Seite 352 - Customs officers to guard the ship. They shall either live in a boat of their own, or stay on board the ship, as may best suit their convenience. Their food and expenses shall be supplied them from the Custom-house, and they shall not be entitled to any fees whatever from the master or consignee. Should they violate this regulation, they shall be punished proportionately to the amount exacted.
Seite 354 - (barbarian) shall not be applied to the Government or subjects of Her Britannic Majesty, in any Chinese official document issued by the Chinese authorities, either in the capital or in the provinces, ARTICLE LIT.
Seite 376 - All questions in regard to rights, whether of property, or person, arising between citizens of the United States in China, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of, and regulated by, the authorities of their own government.
Seite 432 - A freight or part freight of duty-free commodities (personal baggage, gold and silver bullion, and foreign coins excepted) will render the vessel carrying them, though no other cargo be on board, liable to tonnage dues.
Seite 347 - Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and found them to be in good and due form, have agreed upon and concluded the following Articles:— ARTICLE I.

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