The Pictorial Press, Its Origin and Progress

Hurst and Blackett, 1885 - 363 Seiten

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Seite 165 - Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition. He was presently cut down, and his head and heart shown to the people, at which there was great shouts of joy. It is said that he said that he was sure to come shortly at the right hand of Christ to judge them that now had judged him; and that his wife do expect his coming again.
Seite 118 - The standard was blown down the same night it had been set up, by a very strong and unruly wind, and could not be fixed again in a day or two, till the tempest was allayed. This was the melancholy state of the king's affairs when the standard was set up...
Seite 117 - Marshal, who was standard-bearer, carrying the standard, which was then erected in that place with little other ceremony than the sound of drums and trumpets. Melancholy men observed many ill presages about that time. There was not one regiment of foot yet brought...
Seite 165 - I went out to Charing Cross, to see Major-General Harrison hanged, drawn, and quartered ; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition.
Seite 150 - Rosemary at each end of the coffin on the top thereof, with a rope tyed crosse from one end to the other. " And a merry conceited Cook living at the sign of the Crown, having a black Fan (worth the value of...
Seite 98 - Amongst these, you shall see a gray Goose-cap, (as wise as the rest,) with a what do ye lacke in his mouth, stand in his boothe, shaking a rattle, or scraping on a fiddle, with which children are so taken, that they presentlie cry out for these fopperies : and all these together make such a distracted noise, that you would thinck Babell were not comparable to it.
Seite 60 - That very morning, at Greenwich, there came one to me, seriously, and that avowed ability to perform it, and offered me to be a cardinal. I went presently to the king, and acquainted him both with the thing and the person.
Seite 99 - Babell were not comparable to it. Here there are also your gamesters in action; some turning of a whimsey, others throwing for Pewter, who can quickly dissolve a round shilling into a three halfepeny saucer.
Seite 150 - Almighties first scourging of him with the rod of sicknesse, and the friendly admonition of divers friends for the calling of him to repentance, yet he persisted on in his vicious vices, and would not hearken thereunto, but lay raging and swearing, and still pointing (y at one thing or another, which he conceived to appear visible before him.
Seite 254 - I acknowledge being guilty of the death of poor Maria Marten, by shooting her with a pistol. The particulars are as follows : When we left her father's house, we began quarrelling about the burial of the child, she apprehending that the place wherein it was deposited would be found out.

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