Kwantowa teoria reakcji układu wieloelektronowego na silne pole elektromagnetyczne w zastosowaniu do badania nieliniowości optycznej: Quantum response theory of the multielectron system to a strong electromagnetic field applied to the investigation of the optical nonlinearity

Matt Kalinski, 01.06.1991 - 65 Seiten

From the very first principles of the quantum Liouville's theorem and the nonrelativistic  quantum field theory of many electron systems this book prescribes how to calculate the finite temperature linear and nonlinear  optical condensed material properties described by the optical susceptibility tensors of arbitrary order from its band structure and the collective excitations.  Simplified example is also included with the Galium Arsenide as the model optical material with the energy gap. Specifically  the self-induced transparency and the lasing effect  is predicted as correspondingly dropping and the negative absorption coefficient as the function of the input intensity through the elementary excitations population alteration and inversion.











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