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A gripping thriller about the most important technologies and challenges of our time

“Fire, printing, industrialization, the atomic age, the Internet—all these are nothing compared to the hurricane of change unleashed by climate catastrophe, systemic crisis, and the merging of human and artificial intelligence.” 

With these words, Dan sets out on the hunt for the key to save humanity. He finds himself catapulted from his bleak everyday life into the future of WeYou where humanity, the We, is fighting for survival. Meanwhile, in the virtual Real World, a place of unlimited possibilities, life revolves around individual happiness, the You. Dan discovers the disasters and imponderables that lie ahead—but also the possibilities AI, genetic engineering, quantum computers or robots offer for the future. The knowledge to solve the greatest challenges of our time already exists; we just need to use it properly—but is there enough time for Dan to rewrite the history of our future?


“We added some new letters to the alphabet of life. Catch-42 turns these new letters into a fascinating story about technology, our society, and future.” —Floyd E. Romesberg, Chemist, Synthetic Biologist, TED Speaker

“In Catch-42, Felix Holzapfel spins his deep understanding of today's most important technology trends into a gripping narrative about choice, ethics, and the nature of humanity—and shows us that the future will truly be what we make it.” —Greg Verdino, Futurist, Author of “Never Normal”

“Creative, inventive, an enjoyable read. Stretched my thinking with an outstanding understanding of emerging technologies and what's possible today, coupled with a futuristic mindset that challenges the reader to explore what's real and what's right.” —Michael Fulton, Academic Director of Digital Executive Education at The Ohio State University

“Like it or not, technology will rapidly change our world. Catch-42 demonstrates why it is so important that all of us get involved in the decision-making process that is nearly upon us.” —M. Sean Coleman, Author of “Netwars: The Code”

“A breathtaking mix of science, technology, and philosophy. The result: A fascinating story with a daring and thought-provoking look into the future of humankind.” —Idris Mootee, Entrepreneur, Investor, AI evangelist

“Catch-42 is not a classic page-turner but a demanding idea-turner. The novel covers many trending topics and important current questions. You might need some time to read it, but it’s worth every second.” —Brett Greene, Founder, New Tech Northwest



Felix Holzapfel was born in 1978 in Darmstadt, Germany. He is an entrepreneur and recognized expert in technology and marketing. Thinkers360 recognized Felix Holzapfel as a Top 10 Global Thought Leader in Digital Transformation. While Holzapfel has published several books about technology, trends, and the shift in our media landscape, Catch-42 is his first novel.

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Thinkers 360 recognized Felix Holzapfel as a Top 10 Global Thought Leader in Digital Transformation. During the last two decades, Holzapfel has been privileged to support many global players on their way to the digital age. While he has published several books about technology, trends, and the shift in our media landscape, Catch-42 is his first novel and a book he has wanted to write for a long time. Having sold his digital marketing agency to one of the world’s leading IT services providers, he now has time for this passion project.  

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