The Soul Snatcher

Writers Pouch, 30.01.2022 - 60 Seiten
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After the four brothers attempt to conquer the Verni World, they are defeated and arrested by the two embodiments of Creator Vernakula namely Olrin and Archen; fighting alongside are Olrin’s pupils called Hunters. Post victory, Olrin goes missing and Archen is suspected to be corrupted as he doesn’t serve his destined purpose anymore.

Without the support of the embodiments, the world order established by Olrin crumbles and kingdoms declare their independence while enacting their own laws. Hoping to restore stability, the Hunters who were trained by Olrin himself choose Aelius, King of Verni, as the interim successor and take up the quest to bring back their master.

“The Soul Snatcher” by R. S. Chintalapati is a novelette narrating the fall of Vernakula’s embodiments and the journey of the Hunters to save their world.


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Über den Autor (2022)

Born in 1994 and educated in the field of Computer Science from University of Freiburg Germany, Ravi's previous works include ‘God’s Council: The Four Auins’ (2017), ‘Your Loving Intern’ (2018), & ‘Eccentric Endings’ (2020).

As a storyteller, Chintalapati often deals with characters who introspect themselves on their motivations at every point in time while ending questionably. His profile can be accessed at

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