Vision, Brain, and Behavior in Birds

Harris Philip Zeigler, Hans-Joachim Bischof, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Press, 1993 - 415 Seiten
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The visual capacities of birds rival even those of primates, and their visual system probably reflects the operation of a ground plan common to all vertebrates. This book provides the first comprehensive and current review of considerable progress made over the past decade in analyzing neural and behavioral mechanisms mediating visually guided behavior in birds.

The book's five major sections deal with the visual world of birds, the organization of avian visual systems, the development and plasticity of visual structure and function, visuomotor control mechanisms, and cognitive processes. The introduction to each section discusses the nature and significance of the problem areas, providing a context for the chapters to follow, which review the current status of research on a specific problem. The contributors are an international assemblage of researchers, representing a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from ornithology to neurophysiology and including ethology, experimental psychology, anatomy, and developmental neurobiology.

For the ethologist, avian behavior is the source of a wide variety of species-typical "fixed action patterns"; for the experimental psychologist, birds are the subject of choice for studies of conditioning, learning, and cognitive processes; for the neurobiologist they provide model systems for studying developmental processes, sensory mechanisms, orientation, and motor control. For these reasons, research on the avian brain and behavior occupies an increasingly important place in contemporary behavioral biology.

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Producing the Image
Exploring the Image
Constructing the ThreeDimensional Image
The Visual Capabilities of Birds
Color Vision of Birds
Functional Anatomy of the Avian Visual System
Binocular Processing in FrontalEyed Birds
Developmental Anatomy of the Chick Retinotectal
Sensorimotor Mechanisms and Pecking in the Pigeon
Control of Pecking Response Topography by Stimulus
Visual Mechanisms of Prey Capture in Water Birds
Lateralization and Strategies of Viewing in the Domestic
Studies of Interocular
What Can We Learn from Experiments on Pigeon Concept
Visual Cognition in Pigeons
Vision Cognition and the Avian Hippocampus

Development Plasticity and Differential Organization
Developmental Mechanisms of Lateralization
Visuomotor Mechanisms

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Über den Autor (1993)

H. Philip Zeigler is Professor of Biopsychology at Hunter College, City University of New York.

Hans-Joachim Bischof is Professor of Behavioral Physiology at the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

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