The Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland; Or, The Ancient and Present State of the Nobility: The Peerage of England

W. Owen, in Fleet Street; L. Davis, in Holborn; and J. Debrett in Piccadilly., 1790

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Seite 8 - Duke of the Kingdom of Great Britain, and Earl of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the names* ftiles, and titles of, Duke of York and Albany in the former, and Earl of Ulfter in the latter Kingdom.
Seite 24 - They resolved to address his majesty, that he would insert an article in all his treaties of alliance, importing, that no peace should be made with France, until his majesty and the nation have reparation for the great indignity offered by the French king, in owning, and declaring the pretended prince of Wales king of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Seite 178 - Council as in wars and other foreign expeditions," (as the patent expresses,) he was created a Baron of this Realm, by the title of Lord Hervey of Kidbrook in the county of Kent, on Feb.
Seite 51 - ... jointure, but to an union of families, by taking Mary her youngeft daughter to be the wife of Gilbert his fecond Ion, and afterwards his heir ; and giving the lady Grace, his youngeft daughter, to Henry her eldeft fon.
Seite 41 - June 25th, 1729, in the seventy-first year of his age. He married Bridget, only daughter and heir to Sir Thomas Hyde, of North Myms in the county of Hertford, Bart. and by her (who died on March 8th, 1/33-4) he had two sons and two daughters ; whereof the Lady Bridget was married to the Rev.
Seite 93 - France in the 9th century; his posterity settling in Normandy, took their name from their domain of Percy, in that province. William de Percy, with his brother Serle, accompanied king William the Conqueror in 1066, from whom he had grant of 86 manors, co.
Seite 24 - Proteftant line, for extinguifhing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and all other pretenders, and their open and fecret abettors.
Seite 470 - Leyden, where he made confiderable progrefs in claffical learning, and fpoke with fluency and elegance the German and French languages. Being defigned...
Seite 358 - He was made knight of the bath at the creation of Henry prince of Wales, and died in Flanders in 1625.
Seite 470 - Royal du Genie Militaire, at La Fere in Picardy, where he laid the foundation of what he fo confpicuoufly exhibited at the defence of Gibraltar. In 1735, he became a volunteer in the...