The Acadian Exiles: A Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline, Band 9

Glasgow, Brook, 1916 - 178 Seiten
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Seite 124 - ... endeavour to fall upon some stratagem to get the men, both young and old (especially the heads of families...
Seite 134 - Majesty's orders and instructions, namely, that your lands and tenements, cattle of all kinds and live stock of all sorts are forfeited to the Crown, with all your other effects, saving your money and household goods, and you yourselves to be removed from this his Province.
Seite 92 - Government would by degrees have fixed them in their own interest, no violent measures have ever been taken with them. But I must observe to Your Lordships that this lenity has not had the least good effect; on the contrary, I believe they have at present laid aside all thoughts of taking the oaths voluntarily, and great numbers of them at present are gone to Beausejour to work for the French, in order to dyke out the water at the settlement.
Seite 29 - We, being willing to show by some mark of our favour towards his subjects how kind we take his compliance therein, have therefore thought fit hereby to signify our will and pleasure to you that you permit such of them as have any lands or tenements in the places under...
Seite 93 - Indians whom they have always assisted with provisions, quarters, & intelligence, and indeed while they remain without taking the Oaths to His Majesty (which they never will do till they are forced) and have incendiary French Priests among them, there are no hopes of their amendment.. As they possess the best and largest Tracts of Land in this. Province, it cannot be settled with any effect while they remain in this situation, and tho
Seite 160 - By representations made to me from the new settlements in this province, it appears extremely necessary that the inhabitants should be assisted by the Acadians in repairing the dykes...
Seite 124 - As there may be a deal of difficulty in securing them, you will, to prevent this as much as possible, destroy all the villages on the North and North'West side of the Isthmus that...
Seite 134 - Crown ; with all other your effects, saving your money and household goods, and you yourselves to be removed from this his province. " ' Thus it is peremptorily his Majesty's orders, that- the whole...
Seite 91 - ... and difficult it appears to Us ; for, as on the one hand great Caution ought to be used to avoid giving any Alarm, and creating such a Diffidence in their minds as might induce them to quit the Province, and by their Numbers add Strength to the French Settlements, so on the other hand We should be equally cautious of creating an improper and false Confidence in them, that, by a Perseverance in refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance, they may gradually work out in their own way a Right to their...
Seite 134 - French inhabitants of these districts be removed ; and through His Majesty's goodness I am directed to allow you the liberty of carrying with you your money and as many of your household goods as you can take without overloading the vessels you go in.

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