Thalamusba erkezo gatlo idegpalyak osszehasonlito ultrastrukturalis vizsgalata

ProQuest, 2008 - 91 Seiten
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Terminals formed by the axons of reticular thalamic nucleus (nRT) on the relay cells of thalamic poszterior nucleus (Po) in rat were small and mostly established a single synapse per postsynaptic target. Punctum adhaerens were rare, and synapses made onto different dendrites were usually separated by astrocytic processes. In contrast, the organization of synapses in the terminals of the recently described pretecto-thalamic pathway and the well-known nigrothalamic pathway in rat and monkey were very different. In these pathways, the terminals established multiple contacts onto a single postsynaptic target, which was usually a proximal dendrite of a relay cell. Puncta adhaerentia were found in the center of the presynaptic terminal, surrounded by a ring of synapses both directly opposing the postsynaptic surface. The side of the terminal not facing the postsynaptic surface was entirely covered by a glial sheet, which rarely penetrated into the spaces between synapses.

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