Selected Writings on Computing: A Personal Perspective

Springer New York, 25.10.1982 - 362 Seiten
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Stepwise program construction. Parallelism in multi-record transactions. Finding the maximum strong components in a directed granph. trip reporte E.W.Dijkstra, summer school munich. The solution to a cyclic relaxation problem. Trip reporte IBM seminar "communication and computers". Self-stabilization in spite of distributed control. Acceptance speech for the AFIPS harry goode memorial award 1974. Speech at the occasion of an anniversary. Inside "mathematics inc". A multidisciplinary approach to mathematics. Ond the role of scientific thought. A time-wise hierarchy imposed upon the use of a two-level store. A new elephant built from mosquitoes humming in harmony. Monotonic replacement algorithms and their implementation. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. Trip report visit ETH Zurich. A letter to my old friend Jonathan. "Craftsman or scientist?". Exercises in making programs robust. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. how do we tell truths that might hurt?. Variation on a theme: an open letter to C.A.R hoare. A post-scriptum to EWD501. Erratum and embellishmething . A synthesis merging?. Commets at a symposium. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. On a warning from E.A.Hauch. More on auck's warning. A collection of beautiful proofs. Mathematics inc., a private letter from its chairman. A personal summary of the gries-owicki theory. A "non Trip report". Formal techniques and sizearble programs. An exercises for Dr.R.M.Burstall. A great improvement. To H.D.Mills, chairman software methodology panel. On subgoal induction. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. More about the function. A proof of a theorem communicated to us. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. A parable. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. A correctness proof for communicating processes: a small exercise. An elephant inspered by the dutch national flag. On the fact the atlantic ocean has two sides. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. A somewhat open letter to EAA. On webster, users, bugs, and aristotle, On making solution more and more fine-grained. The mathematics behind the banker's algorithm. On two beautiful solutions designed by martin rem. Trip report E.W.Dijkstra. why naive program transformation systems are unlikely to word. The three golden rules for successful scientific research. The introduction of MAES. A class of simple communication patterns. "Why is software so expensive?" an explanation to the hardware designer. A theorem about odd powes of odd integers. Porgram inversion. On weak and strong termination. The equivalence of bounded nondeterminacy and continuity. A story that starts with a very good computer.

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EWD227 Stepwise Program Construction
EWD338 Parallelism in MultiRecord Transactions
EWD376 Finding the Maximum Strong Components in

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