Redemptive Masculinities: Men, HIV, and Religion

World Council of Churches Publications, 2012 - 565 Seiten
Part one: The making of men: masculinities in history and culture. Chapter one: Towards a theoretical and cultural analysis of dangerous masculinities in contemporary Africa: can we reinvent African patriarchies to curb HIV and AIDS? / Ufo Okeke Uzodike and Christopher Isike. Chapter two: The connectedness of masculinity and culture in the context of HIV and AIDS: special focus on Rwanda / Celestin Hategekimana. Chapter three: The role of an "ideal" man in Bembe culture and within the contemporary African Christian tradition in the face of HIV and AIDS: towards a proactive male response / Lubunga Ewusha. Chapter four: Karanga men, culture, and HIV in Zimbabwe / Tabona Shoko. Chapter five: Dangerous masculinities: an analysis of the misconception of "real manhood" and its impact on vulnerabilities to HIV among the Ndau of Chipinge in Zimbabwe / Jairus Hlatywayo. Chapter six: And this too shall pass: HIV and AIDS in the context of the black male experience in the United States of America / James Puckett. Chapter seven: Under the spell of discrete islands of consciousness: my journey with masculinities in the context of HIV and AIDS / Paul Leshota. Part two: Thus says the Lord? Sacred texts and masculinities. Chapter eight: The contribution of Tamar's story to the construction of alternative African masculinities / Gerald West. Chapter nine: Batswana masculinities from men's interpretation of Hosea 1-3: a case study of the Africa Evangelical Church / Sidney Berman. Chapter ten: Fathering alternative masculinities / Rev. Munorwei Chirovamavi. Chapter eleven: Paul and masculinity: implications for HIV and AIDS responses among African Christians / Lovemore Togarasei. Part three: Imagined men: creative writing and masculinities. Chapter twelve: Redemptive masculinities, HIV, and religion in Siphiwo Mahala's 'When a man cries' / Ezra Chitando. Chapter thirteen: Liberating masculinity from patriarchy: insights from Zimbabwean literature in English / Percy Chinganga. Part four: Deadly men? Masculinities and gender-based violence. Chapter fourteen: Macho masculinity: a snare in the context of HIV among the Manyika of Zimbabwe / Gift Masengwe. Chapter fifteen: Passion killings in Botswana: masculinity at crossroads / Rosinah Mmannana Gabaitse. Chapter sixteen: Youth masculinities and violence in an HIV and AIDS context: sketches from Botswana cultures and Pentecostal Churches / Muse W. Dube. Chapter seventeen: Who's afraid of the mighty men's conference? Palatable patriarchy and violence against women in South Africa / Sarojini Nadar. Chapter eighteen: Genital modification: expressions of troubling masculinities / Lilian Dube. Part five: versions and subversions: reconstructing masculinities. Chapter nineteen: Legacies now and then: HIV, black and African Men, and the challenges of the twenty-first-century / Mark Malisa. Chapter twenty: challenging African men to be "man enough to care" in the HIV era: special focus on the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland, Zimbabwe / Charles Chindomu and Eunica E. Matizamhuka. Chapter twenty one: "Chasing a leopard out of the homestead": Mundurume's task in the era of HIV and AIDS / Julius Mutugi Gathogo. Chapter twenty two: Religions and the responsibility of men in relation to gender-based violence and HIV: an ethical plea / Domoka Lucinda Manda.

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