Rambles in the Mammoth Cave, During the Year 1844

Morton & Griswold, 1845 - 101 Seiten

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Seite 81 - As you pass along, you hear the roar of invisible waterfalls; and at the foot of the slope the River Styx lies before you, deep and black, overarched with rock. The first glimpse of it brings to mind the descent of Ulysses into hell, " Where the dark rock o'erhangs the infernal lake, And mingling streams eternal murmurs make.
Seite 80 - Hall descends like the slope of a mountain ; the ceiling stretches away, away before you, vast and grand as the firmament at midnight. Proceeding a short distance, there is on the left a steep precipice, over which you can look down by the aid of blazing missiles upon a broad, black sheet of water, eighty feet below, called the Dead Sea. This is an awfully impressive place, the sights and sounds of which do not easily pass from memory. He who has seen it, will have it vividly brought before him by...
Seite 28 - Around the top was a border to add strengh, and perhaps as an ornament. These were of middling size, denoting feet of a small size. The shape of the moccasins differs but little from the deer-skin moccasins worn by the northern Indians. The knapsack was of wove or knit bark, with a deep strong border around the top, and was about the size of the knapsack used by soldiers.
Seite 25 - ... surface of the earth in the Cave; this stone was raised, and was about four feet wide and as many long; beneath it was a square excavation about three feet deep and as many in length and width. In this small...
Seite 55 - The temple is an immense vault, covering an area of two acres, and covered by a single dome of solid rock, one hundred and twenty feet high. It excels...
Seite 82 - ... in the boat, and those waiting on the shore. Seen from this height, the lamps in the canoe glare like fiery eyeballs ; and the passengers sitting there, so hushed and motionless, look like shadows. The scene is so strangely funereal and spectral, that it seems as if the Greeks must have witnessed it before they imagined Charon conveying ghosts to the dim regions of Pluto. Your companions, thus seen, do indeed " Skim along the dusky glades, Thin airy shoals, and visionary shades.
Seite 27 - ... long. The color of the hair was a dark red ; the teeth were white and perfect. I discovered no blemish upon the body, except a wound between two ribs near the back-bone; one of the eyes had also been injured.
Seite 29 - ... and running two cords through the holes, and then winding round the quills and the cord fine thread, to fasten each quill in the place designed for it. These cords extended some length beyond the quills on each side, so that on placing the feathers erect, the feathers could be tied together at the back of the head.
Seite 31 - A hand-piece made of deer skin, with a hole through it for the thumb, and designed probably to protect the hand in the use of the needle, the same as thimbles are now used. Two whistles, about eight inches long, made of cane, with a joint about one-third the length; over the joint is an opening, extending to each side of the tube of the whistle; these openings were about three-quarters of an inch long, and an inch wide, and each had a flat reed placed in the opening.
Seite 28 - ... used by soldiers. The workmanship of it was neat, and such as would do credit, as a fabric, to a manufacturer of the present day. The reticule was also made of knit or wove bark. The shape was much like a horseman's valise, opening its whole length on the top. On the side of the opening, and a few inches from it, were two rows of loops, one row on each side. Two cords were fastened to one end of the reticule at the top, which passed through the loop on one side, and then on the other, the whole...

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