Physical Restraint: Chastity Belt, Escapology, Hojojutsu, Straitjacket, Handcuffs, Hogtie, Swaddling, Gag, Self-bondage, Pillory, Millfields Charter, Hogtie Bondage, Suspension Bondage, Sleepsack, Strappado Bondage, Armbinder, Spreadeagle, Hiatt Speedcuffs

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 67. Chapters: Chastity belt, Escapology, Hoj jutsu, Straitjacket, Handcuffs, Hogtie, Swaddling, Gag, Self-bondage, Pillory, Millfields Charter, Hogtie bondage, Suspension bondage, Sleepsack, Strappado bondage, Armbinder, Spreadeagle, Hiatt Speedcuffs, Medical restraint, Master "K," Hobble, Stocks, Ittatsu-ry, Scold's bridle, Limb restraint, Legcuffs, Locking clothing, Field punishment, Bondage rope harness, Jougs, Elbow bondage, Shrimp tie, Bondage cuffs, Bilboes, Head bondage, Shrew's fiddle, Spreader bar, Cangue, Saint Andrew's Cross, PlastiCuffs, Chemical restraint, Posey vest, Reverse prayer position, Drunkard's cloak, Tramp chair, Chemise cagoule, Schandmantel, Body belt, Finger pillory, Mummification, Over-arm tie, Bondage tape, Pranger, Cage bed, Thumbcuffs, Posture collar, Vacuum bed, Cyphonism, Belly chain. Excerpt: Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping infants snugly in swaddling cloths, blankets or similar cloth so that movement of the limbs is tightly restricted. Swaddling bands were often used to further restrict the infant. Swaddling fell out of favor in the seventeenth century. Some authors are of the opinion that swaddling is becoming popular again, although the medical and psychological effects of swaddling are discussed controversially: Some modern medical studies indicate that swaddling assists babies to sleep, and to remain asleep; and that swaddling lowers the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A recent study indicated that swaddling increased the risk of SIDS. Additionally emerging evidence is showing certain swaddling techniques may increase the risk of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip. Mothers have swaddled their babies throughout history. Archaeological records suggest that swaddling first developed around 4000 B.C. in Central Asia with use of the back-pack cradle board by migrating peoples. ...

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