Parkett Collaborations & Editions Since 1984: A Small Museum & a Large Library of Contemporary Art

Museum of Modern Art, 2001 - 345 Seiten
For nearly two decades Parkett has been the leading international journal on contemporary art. Its in-depth presentations on artists have become the standard for criticism and analysis, and being selected to be in Parkett is considered an honor for contemporary artists worldwide. More than 100 artists have collaborated with Parkett on both the journal's content and the production of special art editions made available to the readers of Parkett. In this new catalogue raisonne, each of the 120 artists' editions are fully documented and reproduced in full color. Along with the editions, this volume also pays tribute to the many authors who have written texts for Parkett by providing a complete index of their contributions, and it reproduces each Parkett cover, now more than 60, in full color. Deborah Wye, a curator at the Museum of Modern Art, writes an essay looking at the various methods of collaboration between Parkett and the artists, including the editions, inserts, spines, covers, and design of the publication. Susan Tallman explores the diversity and richness of the artists' editions through the years. This book coincides with the exhibition Collaborations with Parkettt: 1984 to Now, at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in the spring of 2001.

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