Oceanic Epistemology and Representations of Oceanic Epistemology in Oceanic Literature

University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2005 - 254 Seiten
"My dissertation is designed to accomplish at least six tasks: 1) to show how Oceanic and Oceanic-based theorists shaped my approach to Oceanic literature that is based on information about/knowledge of Oceania and its literature; 2) to bring together information about various epistemologies from different Oceanic places; 3) to apply Oceanic epistemologies to Oceanic literature to show their relationship to each other; 4) to explore the nature of the concept of community in Oceania as different from western concepts; 5) to examine Oceanic concepts of and concerns about community in Oceanic literature; 6) to address some ongoing issues involved in Oceanic literary production. My dissertation accomplishes these tasks first by explaining the work of Oceanic and Oceanic-based theorists as part of Chapter 1. It then give background information on the emergence of the new Oceanic writers and two of their major concerns, the question of language and the problem of literary criticism, in Chapter 2 I go on to bring together Oceanic epistemologies and Oceanic literature in Chapters 3, 4, and 5, arguing that these epistemologies have been reasserted and preserved in the literature, contrary to Subramani's implication that the literature has yet to play a role in this reassertion and preservation. Chapter 6 proves that community is paramount in Oceanic epistemologies and Oceanic literature, and in Chapter 7 I argue that my work could be helpful in the descriptive formulation of an Oceanic literary aesthetics based on Oceanic epistemologies and representations of Oceanic epistemologies in Oceanic literature."--Page vi.

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