Non-Compromised Pendulum: The book about Cus D'amato's style

Scientific Research Institute of world martial art traditions study and criminalistic research of weapon handling - 128 Seiten
This is a book about a great man, an unbeaten boxing coach who in his lifetime nurtured three heavyweight world champions—a feat no one is capable of repeating nowadays. Cus D’Amato - the book is about him. The legend whose triumph is absolute, and requires no unnecessary comment and third-party consent. Here is a complete guide to the skill and tools needed to get a fundamental insight of D’Amato’s system, psychology and philosophy. This book will be useful for anybody who is striving for self-perfection and seeking an effective lifestyle methodology of a champion, not only in boxing. Cus D’Amato didn’t become phenomenal at birth. He used to say that a human being is not born as the finest, but he becomes truly outstanding through persistent and heavy work! This book is the crowning jewel of Oleg Maltsev’s 20 years of research, a shining piece of collaboration created in New York together with a disciple of the legendary Cus: Tom Patti.

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Oleg Maltsev - Scientist of applied sciences, candidate of psychological sciences, author of numerous studies in the field of martial arts and world criminal traditions. Head of the Memory Institute, Research Institute of World Martial Art Traditions and Criminalistic Research of Weapon Handling, as well as the International Schicksalsanalyse Community Research Institute.

Tom Patti - US elected official , Supervisor of San Joaquin County (CA, USA), businessman and public figure, five-time state champion and "Golden Gloves" amateur champion. Tom Patti is a student of the legendary American boxing coach Cus D'Amato. For a certain period of time, Tom Patti was manager of Mike Tyson. Today, Tom Patti supports and strongly promotes the development of small businesses in California, as he believes that it is a small business that is the main engine of the US economy. In 2017, the Supervisory Board of San Joaquin County appointed Tom Patti as one of the commissioners of HPSJ.

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