New Zealand, and Its Native Population

Smith, Elder, and Company, 1841 - 30 Seiten

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Seite iv - I like a plantation in a pure soil; that is, where people are not displanted to the end to plant in others; for else it is rather an extirpation than a plantation. Planting of countries is like planting of woods ; for you must make account to lose almost twenty years...
Seite ix - ... titles of the claimants should be subjected to the investigation of a commission to be constituted for that purpose. The basis of that inquiry will be, the assertion on behalf of the Crown of a title to all lands situate in New Zealand which have heretofore been granted by the chiefs of those islands according to the customs of the country, and in return for some adequate consideration. Lord...
Seite 32 - Among these tribes, our imported diseases produce frightful ravages, our ardent spirits deprave and consume their population, our unjust laws exclude them from enjoying that first element of well-ordered societies...
Seite 22 - Look around at those mountains and to that fine harbour; they are durable and cannot be destroyed. What we receive for it will give a small parcel for each of us and will soon be consumed ; the tobacco soon smoked, the pipes broken, and the clothes worn out.
Seite 31 - Sea, including New Zealand half a Million still surviving in North and South America; and two Millions in Western and Southern Africa; with several Millions of the more barbarous tribes in British India and its borders, and of the Eastern Archipelago and Indian Ocean. Of Foreign Aborigines, who will...
Seite 28 - They are a people, decidedly in a nearer relation to us, than any other; they are endowed with uncommonly good intellectual faculties; they are an agricultural nation, with fixed domicile, and have reached the farthest point of civilization which they possibly could, without the aid of other nations, and without the example of history. They mix easily with the Europeans, which has been effected to such a degree, that by future immigrations an entire mixture must be foreseen.
Seite 16 - It cannot be doubted that the employed natives sometimes partake in these ardent spirits, but they are too provident and sober often to take them as payment for their services ; and I have generally observed that they are ashamed of drunkenness, and that if they are overtaken by it, they immediately retire. I have never seen the natives asking ardent spirits from us as payment for their commodities ; and some, if offered, refused them with disgust, and preferred water.
Seite ix - ... surveys, with the protection of the aborigines, and with those indispensable expenses of the local government for which it may be impracticable otherwise to provide.
Seite 15 - The white men live in houses built for them by the natives, and the latter have either their own houses, built in the native style, or being mostly related to or employed by the Europeans, they assemble in the evenings round their fireplaces; and being accustomed to sleep everywhere in their mats, they are not driven away at night.
Seite 13 - They staid for some time in those places, and chose amongst the natives willing and promising men, to become instruments for their purposes, by teaching them the principles of reading and writing, by introducing the Church service, and by distributing parts or the whole of the New Testament, and Prayer Books in the native language. They gave these missionaries some blankets and pieces of blue cotton, to distinguish them from the rest.

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