Mother Brain: Separating Myth from Biology – the Science of the Parental Brain

Orion, 15.09.2022 - 368 Seiten

Before Chelsea Conaboy gave birth to her first child, she anticipated the joy of holding her newborn son, the endless dirty nappies and the sleepless nights. What she didn't expect was how different she would feel. It wasn't simply the extraordinary demands of this new role, but a shift in self - as deep as it was disorienting. In truth, something was changing: her brain.

New parents undergo major brain changes, driven by hormones and the deluge of stimuli a baby provides. These neurobiological changes help all parents - birthing or otherwise - adapt in those intense first days and prepare for a long period of learning how to meet their child's needs. Yet this science is mostly absent from the public conversation about parenthood.

Conaboy delves into the neuroscience to reveal unexpected upsides, generations of scientific neglect and a powerful new narrative of parenthood.

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Chelsea Conaboy is a veteran journalist, specialising in personal and public health. She was part of the Boston Globe's Pulitzer prize-winning team for coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing and more recently, has worked as a freelance magazine writer with bylines at Mother Jones, Politico, The Week, The Boston Globe Magazine and others. She lives in Maine with her husband, their two young sons and her own changing maternal brain.

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