Let's visit number land: Buch

Ifvl, Inst. für Vorschulisches Lernen, 2010 - 80 Seiten
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Nutzerbericht - Als unangemessen melden

Wonderful hands on concept for teaching math with pre-school children. The children go on a fantastic, cheerful journey into Numberland and meet the numbers 1-10. The number puppets reside in Number Town with their own shape gardens and houses. This concept is from the child's perspective and is highly motivating for children. There is even a goblin who messes with the numbers and a fairy who helps getting things back in order. This magical thinking is lots of fun and children love it.
Great concept with lots of ideas to learn about numbers !

Nutzerbericht - Als unangemessen melden

This book is a hands-on guide on what was first a research project on a holistic concept on numeracy, language and entire development of children. It digests eight years of experience and is a complete guide on how to plan and carry out Numberland according to individual needs and ideas (incl. songs on CD). Numberland is not 'just another' concept but offers an open, emotional and creative structuring frame for many excellent established ideas and brings things together.
The concept has become a standard approach in Germany and started to become international with translations into several languages.
For detailed information on the concept, please refer to www.numberland.net
The book is available directly via www.numberland.net (contact barbara@numberland.net)

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