How Social Movements Matter

Marco Giugni, Doug McAdam, Charles Tilly
U of Minnesota Press, 1999 - 324 Seiten
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We have all witnessed social movements and felt their effects -- some subtle, others profound. But to truly understand their impact over time, in different countries, and on various segments of society requires the kind of rare insight this book provides. Bringing together several well-known scholars, this volume offers an assessment of the consequences of social movements in Western countries.

Policy, institutional, cultural, short- and long-term, and intended and unintended outcomes are among the types of consequences the authors consider in depth. They also compare political outcomes of several contemporary movements -- specifically, women's, peace, ecology, and extreme-rights movements -- in different countries.


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Social Movements and Public Policy
Making an Impact Conceptual and Methodological Implications of the Collective Goods Criterion
The Impact of Social Movements on Political Institutions A Comparison of the Introduction of Direct Legislation in Switzerland and the United States
Protest Protesters and Protest Policing Public Discourses in Italy and Germany from the 1960s to the 1980s
Political Protest and Institutional Change The AntiVietnam War Movement and American Science
The Biographical Impact of Activism
Comparative Perspectives
Feminist Politics in a Hostile Environment Obstacles and Opportunities
How the Cold War Was Really Won The Effects of the Antinuclear Movements of the 1980s
The Impact of Environmental Movements in Western Societies
Ethnic and Civic Conceptions of Nationhood and the Differential Success of the Extreme Right in Germany and Italy
From Interactions to Outcomes in Social Movements

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Über den Autor (1999)

Social scientist Charles Tilly was born in Lombard, Illinois on May 27, 1929. He graduated from Harvard Univeristy with a bachelor's degree in 1950 and a docorate in sociology in 1958. He also studied at Oxford University and the Catholic University in Angers, France. During the Korean War, he served in the Navy. He taught sociology and political science at numerous univeristies including the University of Delaware, Harvard University, the University of Toronto, the University of Michigan and Columbia University. During his lifetime, he wrote 51 books and monographs and more than 600 scholoarly articles. He received numerous awards including the Albert O. Hirschman Award from the Social Science Research Council. He died from lymphoma on April 29, 2008.

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