Have Some Dim Sum

Evelyn Chau, 1999 - 75 Seiten
Going out for Dim Sum is one of the most exciting food experiences there is. There's an unparalleled range of taste sensations wrapped in the tiny little bundles that may be steamed, fried, braised, baked, or roasted. It's elegant fast food where one chooses from carts laden with piping hot dishes.

Dim Sum can be intimidating for people whose foray into Chinese food has been limited to eating occasional take-out with a fork. Although sometimes it's best to throw caution to the wind, it's even better to bring along a book that will guide you to the taste you want and uncover the mysteries of those innocuous looking dumplings. A list of contents is provided, and there are even gorgeous pictures to point to when you're in doubt. Have Some Dim Sum also includes 20 recipes for when you want to cook at home, as well as illustrations of Chinese grocery items for your shopping ease.

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