God's Truth: The Force of Freedom

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Everyone is looking for the TRUTH and when you find it , you have met Jesus Christ. He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. Ron and Barbara searched for Truth in all the wrong places which only led to drug abuse, mafia associations and broken dreams. When Jesus makes you free you are truly liberated.They've spent their lives traveling the globe as "Patriots of Truth". God's Truth, The Force of Freedom will equip you to recognize the negative forces of Convenience, Comfort, Compromise and Complacency and learn to combat and overcome these things in your life. With God's Truth as a weapon, you can develop Commitment, accept the Challenge, be a force of Change and become the person God made you to be and be moved with Compassion to reach your world with the power of love, hope and healing. May God's TRUTH- the Force of Freedom be with You!

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Ron Chamberlin came from New Orleans, LA and was scouted out of High School to play pro-baseball. But drug abuse and Mafia involvement shattered his dreams.He was tormented by the spirit of fear. A commitment to Jesus Christ rocked his world and changed his life forever. He attended Bible School and then moved to Houston, TX where he served God for many years at Lakewood Church. God spoke to Ron when he first answered the call to preach and told him, "I have called you as a prophet to the Nations and to the Nations you will go." Barbara Allison Chamberlin was a cheerleader, pianist, singer and artist but was plagued by fear and insecurity. She always new that God loved her but didn't have a working knowledge of God's Word. When she truly gave her life to Jesus at age 23, He spoke in an audible voice and said, "You will marry a minister". Ron and Barbara met at Lakewood Church and were married eight months later. They have 3 amazing children and have been blessed with 3 amazing grand children. Over 40 years of ministry experience has birthed the book "God's Truth, The Force of Freedom". God now uses both Ron and Barbara to set others free from fear, bondages, addictions, and perversions through the delivering power of the Holy Spirit. In over 30 nations they have seen the dead raised, blind eyes opened, the lame walk, cancers healed, teeth filled with gold, tumors disappear, backs healed, the deaf hear and so much more. Isn't God good? They continue to teach and preach the Good News of God's Love and Power to this generation as "Patriots of Truth".

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