Fish Evolution and Systematics: Evidence from Spermatozoa: With a Survey of Lophophorate, Echinoderm and Protochordate Sperm and an Account of Gamete Cryopreservation

Cambridge University Press, 23.05.1991 - 319 Seiten
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In this 1991 book, Professor Jamieson masterfully brings together the literature on fish spermatozoa and voluminous work on the evolutionary history of fishes to provide a detailed synthesis of the two fields of fish spermatology and fish systematics. The author begins by considering invertebrate phyla related to the chordates, and goes through the lower chordates and early fishes to the line leading to amphibians and to highest teleosts. His treatment provides a review of fish systematics based on the classical evidence of gross morphology in a cladistic framework and a critical integration of this with information on the degree to which spermatozoa support of conflict with the various hypotheses of relationship. Additionally, Professor Jamieson is joined by Luke K. -P. Leung to give a review of the principles of biological cryopreservation and of the live preservation of fish gametes.

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