Diary of a Dysfunctioinal Flight Attendant: The Queen of Sky Blog

Blog Based Books, 25.09.2006 - 240 Seiten
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A novel in blog format, this daring and ground-breaking self-published book brings the internet phenomenon of blogging to the traditional publishing world. In the process, a new and exciting genre is born--a genre that allows everyone (even the technologically challenged) to experience the addictive voyeurism of this hip new medium. The novel is based on author Ellen Simonetti's controversial true story, which made headlines around the world and caused an international debate about the limits of free speech. It follows the online ramblings of "Queen of Sky," the alter ego of Elena Guaio, a fun-loving, light-hearted and slightly dysfunctional flight attendant for "Anonymous International Airlines." Elena's blog quickly becomes her trusted confidant, which she uses as a release and a tool to sort through the numerous ups and downs of her life. As the months go by, Elena writes more and more candidly about the irritations of her job. She eventually even decides to post pictures of herself on her blog--pictures in her flight attendant uniform. The result of this seemingly innocent act throws her life into complete disarray. And a struggle of David and Goliath proportions ensues.With entry titles like "Where's the Glamour," "The Trip from Hell," and "The Joys of Commuting," The Queen of Sky Blog is a realistic and humorous portrayal of a twenty-something single flight attendant just trying to find her way in the Technology Age.The style of the book is in keeping with the feel of Simonetti's original blog: quirky, frank, and un-politically correct.

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Über den Autor (2006)

Ellen Simonetti was a flight attendant for a major US carrier for eight years before she was fired without warning because of "inappropriate pictures and comments" on her blog. Her story quickly spread on the internet and then did the rounds in the mainstream media. Nowadays she is a blogging legend...a poor, starving blogging legend.

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