Cities, Towns and Villages in Jhelum District: Jhelum, Jhelum Cantonment, Kala Gujran, Muftian, Dina, Pakistan, Chak Jamal, Pind Dadan Khan

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Chapters: Jhelum, Jhelum Cantonment, Kala Gujran, Muftian, Dina, Pakistan, Chak Jamal, Pind Dadan Khan, Domeli, Pind Matay Khan, Pail Bane Khan, Phulrey Sydan, Nagial, Jhelum, Lehri, Jhelum, Adrana, Jhelum, Jajial, Sultanpur, Jhelum, Haranpur, Gharmala, Khukha, Nakka Khurd, Khewra, Pindi Saidpur, Darapur, Boken, Punjab, Monan, Punjab, Sanghoi, Sohan, Chak Shadi, Chotala, Kotla Faqir, Ahmedabad, Jhelum, Dhanyala, Pandori, Jhelum, Nara, Jhelum, Chak Khasa, Kohali, Dharyala Jalap, Daulatpur, Jhelum, Gujjar, Jhelum, Gharibwal, Lilla, Jhelum, Toba, Jhelum, Golepur, Kandwal, Sauwal, Mughalabad, Garh Mahal, Madu Kalas, Bishan Daur, Nakka Kalan, Bura Jungle, Chakri Rajgan, Mamyan, Dhok Mughal Pathaan, Aima Bari, Mirza Pur, New Jhang, Dina, Jhelum, Chak 21 S.b., Potha, Punjab, Pind Sawika, Chakri Ghazi Khan. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 157. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Jhelum (Urdu, Punjabi: ) (Greek: Alexandria Bucephalous) is a city on the right bank of the Jhelum River, in the district of the same name in the north of Punjab province, Pakistan. Jhelum is a few miles upstream from the site of the Battle of the Hydaspes between the armies of Alexander the Great and Raja Porus. A city called Bucephala was founded nearby to commemorate the death of Alexander's horse, Bucephalus. Jhelum is known for providing a large number of soldiers to the British and later to the Pakistan armed forces due to which it is also known as city of soldiers or land of martyrs and warriors. Other notable sites nearby include the 16th century Rohtas Fort, the Tilla Jogian complex of ancient temples, and the 16th-century Grand Trunk Road which passes through the city. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan the population of Jhelum was 293,000. The name of the city is derived from the words Jal (pure wa...More: http: //

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