China Tidal Wave

Global Oriental, 17.04.2008 - 526 Seiten
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There is great social tension in the aftermath of ‘Tiananmen Square’, uncertainty about political and economic policy and the constant burden of over-population. Serious flooding of the Yellow River adds more than a hundred million to the ‘floating population’ of destitute and semi-destitute peasant refugees. Disaster is imminent ...

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Über den Autor (2008)

Wang Lixiong was born in Shandong Province, China, in 1953. In 1973, he attended the Workers, Peasants and Soldier's University, set up by Mao Zedong, where he studied automobile design and production. Later, spent five years in the film industry and then became a full-time writer. His books in English include Dissolving Power, published in Canada, and Progress Election, published in Taiwan, and Sky Burial and The Gate of Heaven (Tiantang zhimen) and The Road of a Free Man (Ziyouren delu) in Chinese. There have been more than twenty reprints of the original Chinese edition of Huang Huo. In 2001, he visited the USA and spoke several times to the Dalai Lama. He now lives in Beijing with his Tibetan wife.

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