Site Gallery, 2012 - 52 Seiten
In Day's work questions of site and historical memory are explored through photography, speech and movement-improvisational performance.A hybrid form of first-person realism, Day appropriates historical incidents to serve as allegories in a process of exemplification to offer insight upon broader philosophical and political questions.Often focused on resistance movements and the lived experience of political struggle, Day's work asserts that culture has a role in public life by contributing to our capacity for reflection and understanding of shared conditions and problems – what writer Fred Dewey, appropriating a phrase of Hannah Arendt, has called the 'non-fictional imagination'.The publication Autonomy is a performance document representing the artist's investigations into cultural memory and everyday life in a street in Berlin.Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Of All Possible Things at Site Gallery, Sheffield (2 March – 7 April 2012).

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