A Physician's Plight: A Memoir: Professional Success ... Personal Disaster

Createspace Independent Pub, 11.01.2010 - 282 Seiten
It's not only a doctor's medical school education, residency training, and launching into practice that's so demanding, but what may be creeping into the professional's personal life along the way.Katherine Klein is a naive teenager with a contentious home life who marries despite her parent's disapproval. As Katherine's marriage progresses she reluctantly tolerates her husband's boastful networking and meager contributions. Her husband finally agrees to have children but doesn't change his ways, her tolerance wanes, tension mounts, and the marital situation becomes explosive. Katherine's husband refuses to leave the marital home and she is forced to flee with her children. While he is focused on threatening, harassing and stalking her, she is focused on providing unconditional love to her sons and maintaining competency as a physician.But throughout Katherine's unhappy marriage, she doesn't know that U.S. family courts can uphold discrepancy of income as an excuse to order an earning spouse to foot the other spouse's legal bills both during and after a divorce. This makes the now fully-funded non-contributor unstoppable in his pursuit of continued litigation. Even more ominous is the reallocation of income and decisions regarding the lives of children by judges.This is an eye-opening, compelling memoir...one not to be overlooked. Review: Josh Grossman, MD, FACP, Col. (ret), U.S. Army Medical CorpsMarch 2011 (a state medical magazine) "This book pulls no punches - nothing is sacred, nothing is left out! Anesthesiologist Katherine Klein MD, gives us "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of her family-of-origin, her marital suffering, and her divorce, which landed her in Family Court and deprived her of participation in much of the lives of her young children and - would you believe - the Family Court citing "income discrepancies" - and she was forced by the court to pay not only her own legal fess but those of her ex-husband!" .... "Might pre-marital counselors encourage young couples to read this thoughtful, valued text before their first marriages? Will the young couples, believing their young love to be unique, blithely ignore this text and forge ahead, perhaps landing in Family Court much as the author?"

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Über den Autor (2010)

Katherine Klein is a retired doctor who devotes herself to multiple philanthropic projects and speaking engagements.

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