A Game of Clans: Collectores Venatoresque, Agricolae Pastoresque: Population Genomics, Archaeology, and Ethnolinguistics from Modern Humans to the Copper Age

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A Game of Clans: collectores venatoresque, agricolae pastoresque and A Clash of Chiefs: rex militaris, rex sacrorum are the first and second volumes of the series of books A Song of Sheep and Horses. These two volumes address the Proto-Indo-European Urheimat or homeland problem from a wide anthropological perspective, using archaeology and cultural and biological anthropology. More specifically, this first book integrates the most recent genetic research with the prevalent anthropological theories on migration routes from the Palaeolithic to the advent of the Bronze Age. Beyond a precise physical location of North-West Indo-Europeans, Late Proto-Indo-Europeans, and Uralians, archaeology and population genomics can offer important hints about the actual material culture, society, economy, religious beliefs, and political organization of each of these ancestral groups.

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