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Books Die Bücher 1 - 10 von ungefähr 45 beziehen sich auf Evolutionary History: Uniting History and Biology to Understand Life on Earth.    

War and Nature: Fighting Humans and Insects with Chemicals from World War I ...

Edmund Russell - 2001 - 315 Seiten
A social narrative documents the close ties between chemical weapons development and “peaceful†applications in insect warfare, discussing the role of chemists and ...
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Natural Enemy, Natural Ally: Toward an Environmental History of Warfare

Richard P. Tucker, Edmund Russell - 2004 - 280 Seiten
Contributors to this volume explore the dynamic between war and the physical environment from a variety of provocative viewpoints. The subjects of their essays range from ...

Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy

Sally K. Fairfax, Edmund Russell - 2014 - 536 Seiten
Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy provides the analytical connections showing readers how issues and actions are translated into public policies and persistent institutions ...
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Against the Grain: Genetic Transformation of Global Agriculture

Marc Lappe, Britt Bailey - 2014 - 176 Seiten
The world's food production is undergoing a rapid and revolutionary transformation, but little is known about it and less is being done to question the wisdom of it. Within a ...
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Chasing the Red Queen: The Evolutionary Race Between Agricultural Pests and ...

Andy Dyer - 2014 - 240 Seiten
In the race to feed the world’ s seven billion people, we are at a standstill. Over the past century, we have developed increasingly potent and sophisticated pesticides, yet in ...
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The Six Mountain-travel Books

Eric Shipton - 1997 - 800 Seiten
Nanda Devi; Blank on the Map; Upon That Mountain; Mt. Everest Reconnaissance Expedition 1951; Mountains of Tartary; and Land of Tempest.
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Landscape and Power in Early China: The Crisis and Fall of the Western Zhou ...

Li Feng - 2006 - 405 Seiten
The ascendancy of the Western Zhou in Bronze Age China, 1045–771 BC, was a critical period in the development of Chinese civilisation and culture. This book addresses the ...
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Crusader Castles and Modern Histories

Ronnie Ellenblum - 2007
For the last 150 years the historiography of the Crusades has been dominated by nationalist and colonialist discourses in Europe and the Levant. These modern histories have ...
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