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Books Die Bücher 1 - 10 von ungefähr 45 beziehen sich auf Evolutionary History: Uniting History and Biology to Understand Life on Earth.    

Memoirs of Lieutenant Joseph René Bellot, with His Journal of a Voyage in ...

Joseph Rene Bellot - 2012 - 404 Seiten
Joseph René Bellot (1826-53) was a French naval officer whose travels took him from Africa to the Arctic before his tragic death at the age of 27. In 1851 he joined a British ...
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Extracts from a Journal, Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico ...

Basil Hall - 2013 - 390 Seiten
Published 1824, the two-volume revised third edition of a British naval officer's observations on service in South America and Mexico.
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The Official Report of the Recent Arctic Expedition

George S. Nares - 2011 - 106 Seiten
Published in 1876, this riveting journal describes the 1875-6 British Arctic Expedition, which pushed further north than any earlier expeditions.
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Crop protection: from agrochemistry to agroecology

Jean-Philippe Deguine, P. Ferron, Derek Russell - 2009 - 190 Seiten
This book is a synthesis and a celebration of a large body of agro-ecological research carried out on the management of the pests of cotton, one of the worldi1/2s major crops ...

A Voyage Round the World, in the Years 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, and 1804: In ...

John Turnbull - 2013 - 538 Seiten
This 1813 travelogue documents the author's five-year journey around the world, including three years spent exploring the Pacific Islands.
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Fur-Clad Adventurers: Or, Travels in Skin-Canoes, on Dog-Sledges, on ...

Zacariah Atwell Mudge - 2012 - 346 Seiten
A compilation of the accounts of explorers on the Western Union Telegraph Expedition through the Arctic, first published in 1880.
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Bevölkerungsentwicklung - UV

Alexandra Meier - 2004 - 29 Seiten
Im Laufe des 20. Jahrhunderts hat sich die Weltbevölkerungszahl nahezu vervierfachtim Sommer 2002 zeigte die Weltbevölkerungsuhr über 6,2 Milliarden Menschen 1 . Jede Minute ...
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