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Natural Enemy, Natural Ally: Toward an Environmental History of Warfare

Richard P. Tucker, Edmund Russell - 2004 - 280 Seiten
Contributors to this volume explore the dynamic between war and the physical environment from a variety of provocative viewpoints. The subjects of their essays range from ...

Evolutionary History of the "Robust" Australopithecines

Frederick E. Grine - 2007 - 527 Seiten
In paleoanthropology the group of hominids known as the "robust" australopithecines has emerged as one of the most interesting. Through them we have the opportunity to examine ...
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Evolutionary History of Bats: Fossils, Molecules and Morphology

Gregg F. Gunnell, Nancy B. Simmons - 2012 - 560 Seiten
Advances in morphological and molecular methods continue to uncover new information on the origin and evolution of bats. Presenting some of the most remarkable discoveries and ...
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The Evolutionary History of Nematodes: As Revealed in Stone, Amber and Mummies

George O. Poinar - 2011 - 429 Seiten
This book establishes a solid base in palaeonematology with descriptions of 66 new fossil species and accounts of all previous fossil and subfossil nematodes from sedimentary ...
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