The Rise of the Standard Model: A History of Particle Physics from 1964 to 1979

Lillian Hoddeson
Cambridge University Press, 13.11.1997 - 714 Seiten
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Based on a conference held at Stanford University, this book gives the most comprehensive and up-to-date account of an exciting physics revolution--the rise of the Standard Model. The third volume of a series recounting the history of particle physics, this volume focuses on the Standard Model, which explains the microstructure of the world in terms of quarks and leptons and their interactions. Major contributors include Steven Weinberg, Murray Gell-Mann, Michael Redhead, Silvan Schweber, Leon Lederman, and John Heilbron. A collaboration of physicists and historians of science, the wide-ranging articles explore the detailed scientific experiments, the institutional settings in which they took place, and the ways in which the many details of the puzzle fit together to account for the Standard Model.

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Lillian Hoddeson is an historian at the University of Illinois and lives in Urbana. Research for Crystal Fire was sponsored by the Sloan Foundation.

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