Kazakhstan: Coming of Age

Stacey International, 2003 - 256 Seiten
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Kazakhstan is the latest in Stacey International's series of comprehensive illustrated books on countries where well organized and wholly dependable information has been otherwise unavailable. landmass of the whole of Western Europe. Its formidable presence encompasses territory stretching from Europe - that is, from west of the Ural River - to the borders of Mongolia and China. It provides Russia with its longest common frontier. It possesses, by the most cautious estimate, the fourth largest reserves of exploitable oil and gas of any country on earth, and what is described as the entire periodic table of mineral assets. It must surely become a major global provider and trading partner. Beginning with the Bronze Age and the Scythian, it is the principal site of at least four successive civilizations of striking cultural content and influence. Western world? How many can confidently place Kazakhstan on the world's map? Contributed to by a team of esteemed specialists and scholars, Kazakhstan presents authoritative coverage of the country's place in the world, bridging West and East: its spectacular landscape and its ecological challenges; its people and their patterns of life; its turbulent history and astonishing heritage of material culture; its governmental structures; contemporary society; and Kazakhstan's highly significant economy and prospects. activities of a swiftly-growing body of men and women throughout the world, whether as travellers, journalists, politicians, ecologists, or those engaged in the hydrocarbon or any of a score of other industries.

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The Land and the Skies
Chapter 3
The Social Scene
Heritage and History to

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