Two Worlds of International Relations: Academics, Practitioners and the Trade in Ideas

Routledge, 1994 - 233 Seiten
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The aims of this book are to discover how significant academic work in international relations has become for practitioners involved in policy formulation and implementation, and to examine the impact of the policy community on academic work and academic values.
On the academic side, theoretical, historical and political economy perspectives are presented. On the practitioner side, there are contributions from diplomats, lawyers and parliamentarians. The principal question at issue is whether, if there is a natural partnership between the modern academic and foreign policy makers, there needs to be preserved a respectful distance between the two worlds.

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Über den Autor (1994)

Master of Balliol College, Oxford University, Christopher Hill is a neo-Marxist whose work examines the role of economic factors in the events of the seventeenth century. He places particular emphasis on the grievances and treatment of the poorer and outcast sectors of society.

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