Experience the Message

Basic Books, 04.03.2009 - 336 Seiten
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Consumers -- exposed to roughly four thousand marketing messages a day -- are no longer willing to be part of a passive consumer base, subject to conventional advertising and marketing. Rather, they are joining a growing tribe of brand atheists who don't want to be targeted by impersonal messages. They want dialogue, which marketers give to them through experiences with brands that are personally relevant, memorable, and meaningful.
This is the context for Max Lenderman's experiential marketing (XM) revolution. Lenderman explains who the new cutting-edge marketers are, how they think and operate, and why they matter in today's shifting brand world. He reveals how companies can interact with consumers in meaningful ways and what consumers should expect from companies that want their attention and loyalty.
Max has led successful experiential campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses. Here, he unveils groundbreaking case studies and discusses the latest trends in experiential marketing-buzz, sub-viral marketing, roach marketing, text marketing, flash mobs, pop-up retail, advergaming, retailainment, and causal marketing. "Experience the Message" gives its readers--consumers "and" marketers the essential knowledge they need to charge to the front of the global marketing movement.

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Experience the Message : How Experiential Marketing is Changing the Brand World

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In the naive past, advertising's goal was to place its product in front of as many consumers as possible. Lenderman's uneven book presents the new paradigm: experiential marketing (XM), a corporate ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

Review: Experience the Message

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If you accept Lenderman's basic premises, that mass market advertising is dead (or at least, dying) and companies who try to maintain a 'command-and-control' hold on their brands via traditional one ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Max Lenderman is Executive Creative Director at GMR Marketing LLC. His clients include ING Direct, McDonald' s, Pepsi and VISA. A founding member of the International Experiential Marketing Association, he is a sought-after speaker on branding, marketing and youth trends. His campaigns have garnered many industry awards, including Pro Awards from Promo Magazine, the 2006 MAA Worldwide Globes Award for excellence in marketing campaigns and the Ex Award from Event Marketer Magazine. His previous book, Experience the Message, was shortlisted for the 2006 Canadian Business Book of the Year. Lenderman lives in Chicago.

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