Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey

Overlook Press, 01.11.2000 - 395 Seiten
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In this "deeply revealing guide to modern Turkish culture and politics"(The New York Times Book Review), Hugh and Nicole Pope provide a glimpse into a culture that has long been misunderstood. Turkey Unveiled is the only book in many years to attempt to fill a gap in perception with regard to this extremely complex country, and this paperback edition includes an epilogue that brings the book totally up to date, with coverage of the most recent developments in Turkey.Throughout the last generation Turkey has opened up to the outside world, increasingly revealing a pluralistic and dynamic society. The authors, who speak fluent Turkish and have reported from Turkey for over a decade, provide a rich mosaic of contemporary Turkey and its formative past. The strengths and weaknesses of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian tragedy, the ongoing Kurdish struggle, and the controversial legacy of the brilliant but autocratic founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, are all here. They also provide portraits of new leaders who have broken taboos and ushered in new freedoms at a time when other forces attempt to pull Turkey back into the MiddLe Eastern vortex. Hugh and Nicole Pope, combining analysis with understanding, make recent developments in Turkey intelligible for both the general reader and the millions of visitors welcomed by a burgeoning tourist industry.

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Review: Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Tukey

Nutzerbericht  - Josh - Goodreads

Solid intro to modern Turkish history. Some of the chapters on internal politics got a bit in the weeds, but the more thematic chapters -- addressing Islam, Kurds, relations with Europe, Russia and the ex-USSR, Middle East -- are really good primers. Vollständige Rezension lesen

Review: Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey. Hugh Pope and Nicole Pope

Nutzerbericht  - Trish Remley - Goodreads

Extremely interesting and complicated history. Can't wait to visit in March. Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Über den Autor (2000)

Pope was born in Switzerland, she reports for Le Monde and for international radio stations in Turkey

Hugh Pope read Persian and Arabic at Oxford, and has reported for the Independent, Los Angeles Times, BBC, and Reuters. He currently runs the news bureau in Istanbul for the Wall Street Journal.

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