Fascist Ideology: Territory and Expansionism in Italy and Germany, 1922-1945

Routledge, 2000 - 286 Seiten
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Kallis provides a comparative investigation of fascist expansionism by focusing on the close relations between ideology and action under Mussolini and Hitler. With an overview of the ideological motivations behind fascist expansionism and their impact on fascist policies, this book explores the two main issues which have dominated the historiographical debates on the nature of fascist expressionism: whether Italy's and Germany's particular expansionist tendencies can be attributed to aset of generic fascist values, or were shaped by the long-term, uniquely national ambitions and developments since unification; whether the pursuit of expansionism was opportunistic or followed a grand design in each case.
This book is a fascinating study of the expansionist visions of Hitler and Mussolini and it enlightens our understanding of the dynamics and evolution of the fascist policies of Italy and Germany to the end of the Second World War.

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