Electrochemical Supercapacitors: Scientific Fundamentals and Technological Applications

Springer, 30.04.1999 - 736 Seiten
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This monograph covers the rapidly developing field ofelectrochemical supercapacitors capable of exhibiting many Farads ofcapacitance per gram of active materials.The volume is aimed at a broad spectrum of scientists andtechnologists, including electrochemists, chemists, electrochemicaland electrical engineers, and materials scientists. Hence the book isself-contained, starting with introductory chapters on thedouble-layer at interfaces, principles of electrode-process kinetics, and of electrostatics required in the treatment of double-layers andion solvation, and elements of the theory of dielectrics.The main body of the material is concerned with procedures forcharacterizing the behavior and performance of electrochemicalcapacitors. Similarities and differences between electrochemicalcapacitors and batteries are treated in some detail, together withapplications of both small and large capacitance units such ascomputer memory back-up and hybrid battery-capacitor systems forelectric-vehicle drive-trains.A section is included on the practically important and scientificallyinteresting topic of self-discharge of capacitors and batteries, andthe mechanisms that can be involved in that phenomenon. The workconcludes with an up-to-date technology survey and a summary of recentand earlier patents in the field.

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