World Heritage Twenty Years Later: Based on Papers Presented at the World Heritage and Other Workshops Held During the IVth World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas, Caracas, Venezuela, February 1992

J. W. Thorsell, Jacqueline Sawyer
IUCN, 1992 - 191 Seiten
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This publication emanates from a workshop on the topic held during the 4th World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas. In addition to the overview papers, 16 case studies illustrate the range of management issues that World Heritage sites are facing today.


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Seite 8 - UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNDP United Nations Development Programme UNEP United Nations Environment Programme UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization...
Seite 37 - To maintain nationally significant natural landscapes which are characteristic of the harmonious interaction of man and land while providing opportunities for public enjoyment through recreation and tourism within the normal life style and economic activity of these areas.
Seite 169 - It also meets the criteria for selection and management as a Biosphere Reserve (Category IX), although it has not been formally proposed or established as one. The Reef was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1981 as a natural site (Category X).
Seite 9 - World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas held in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1992.
Seite 41 - ... sites: works of man or the combined works of nature and of man, and areas including archaeological sites which are of outstanding universal value from the historical, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological points of view.
Seite 2 - Movement - translates into a practical aim to establish links between development and the environment that will provide a lasting improvement in the quality of life for people all over the world. The...
Seite 2 - CNPPA is the leading international scientific and technical body concerned with the selection, establishment and management of national parks and other protected areas.
Seite 191 - Clark, MR and Dingwall, PR (1985). Conservation of islands in the Southern Ocean: a review of the protected areas of Insulantarctica.
Seite 191 - Molloy, LF and Dingwall, PR 1990. World Heritage Values of New Zealand Islands. In: Towns, DR et al. (Eds), Ecological Restoration of New Zealand Islands. Conservation Sciences Publication No. 2. Department of Conservation, Wellington, New Zealand.
Seite 2 - ... to represent their views on the world stage and to provide them with the concepts, strategies and technical support they need to achieve their goals. Through its six Commissions, IUCN draws together over 5000 expert volunteers in project teams and action groups. A central secretariat coordinates the IUCN Programme and leads initiatives on the conservation and sustainable use of the world's biological diversity and the management of habitats and natural resources, as well as providing a range...

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